Ice cream is surely one of the most favourite treats for everybody. Isn’t it? Let’s together agree, grabbing a popsicle straight after a wholesome meal is an unparalleled feeling. This tiny frozen treat is generally made with milk, fruits, sugar and with varieties of nuts and other ingredients. From luscious and creamy sundaes and tangy popsicles to crispy cones, ice creams can satiate sweet tooth cravings instantly. Although there are varieties of ice cream available in the market or food delivery apps, how about giving it a try at home just like we love baking cakes, cookies and muffins. Interesting, right?

Here, we have compiled a list of 4 ice-cream mixes that can satisfy your sweet tooth cravings instantaneously. Read on.

1. DHARMASUT Ice Cream Powder

This all-in-one combo set comes in a pack of 5 different flavours of ice cream powder that includes kesar pista, mango, butterscotch, chocolate and vanilla. All you need to do is add the mixture into the milk, freeze and enjoy the delicious treats.

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2. Bakers Ice Cream Mix Powder

A classic flavour, this pack of vanilla ice cream is simple and goes with everything. From a shake to sundae and custards or even waffles, you can add vanilla ice cream to almost every dessert to enhance its flavour and taste.

3. Kesari Ice-cream Mix

We have found another combo set for you. This pack features two different flavours of ice-cream mix that includes classic vanilla and subtle kesar pista. Besides being rich in taste, this pack is also very healthy and full of other essential nutrients.

4. Rich Day Strawberry Ice Cream Premix

If you like to have fruity treats, this can be the right choice for you. Besides making ice cream, this pack can also be a perfect choice for baking cakes and making smoothies, porridge and delicious milk drinks.

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