Frying is an essential part of cooking. Whether you are making breakfast, lunch, dinner or something for snacking, a lot of frying is required in Indian cooking. Bread pakora, kadhi pakora, fries, chicken wings and many more dishes require deep frying. Wouldn’t life be easier if you didn’t have to stand in front of an open pan for hours while frying your food? Sounds perfect, right? This is why we have found 5 options of deep fryers for you that will make your life in the kitchen much easier. Take a look.

Here’re 5 Deep Fryer Options For Your Kitchen:

1.Kobbey Commercial Electric Deep Fryer:

This fryer is great for both professional and home kitchen setup. It is sturdy and has a stainless-steel body. The thermostat provides an accurate temperature setting. The lid cover prevents hot oil from splashing. The fryer basket has a plastic handle to prevent scalding and the residue plate filters out the dregs.

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2.Inalsa Professional Deep Fryer:

This deep fryer can fry up to 800 grams of potatoes or 10 croquettes in one go. The appliance helps you deep fry the foods very quickly, thanks to its 1700 watts power. This professional electric deep fryer also has a large oil capacity. You can cook for 2-4 people at one time. It also has adjustable temperature control.

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3.Skyline Electric Deep Fryer

The Skyline deep fryer runs on electricity. You can fry fish, chicken wings, chicken legs, potato chips, tempura, shrimps and more in this appliance. It also has a temperature control nob.

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4.FROTH & FLAVOR Steel Electric Deep Fryer

The deep fryer has a stainless body and a mesh basket. The temperature ranges from 0 to 200 degrees. It has a 12-month warranty. This product has 2.5 kW power.

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5.Hunk Shopper’s Deep Fryer Pot

This is a tempura pan made of stainless-steel for better health and durability, non-stick and easy to clean. It has a simple design and good functionality. The product comes with a thermometer so you can constantly check the temperature while you are cooking. The attached thermometer can measure up to 200 degree Celsius and tell you about an appropriate temperature for frying. The design of the cover prevents oil from splattering. This will protect your hands from getting burnt.

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