Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there’s no denying to it. Experts across the globe swear by wholesome breakfast for a healthy living. Eating a nutritious breakfast keeps up our energy throughout the day. Moreover, a wholesome breakfast meal also lessens the chance mid-meal snacking or weird-time bingeing. However, mornings for most of us are usually busy and time-pressed. This is why we look for easy food options to put together a meal in no time – cereal being a popular choice among all. All you need to do is take a bowl of cereal, add milk or yogurt, some fresh fruits and eat. It is one of the most uncomplicated food options one can think of.

Considering this, we bring you 5 of our favourite cereals for busy mornings. Take a look:

1. Nestle NesPlus Breakfast Cereal

Made with corn and oats, this nutritious pack of breakfast is just perfect to start your day with. Besides, it also loads you up with iron, vitamin B and fibre.

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2. Yogabar Dark Chocolate Oats

Made with the combination of dark chocolates and rolled oats, along with the goodness of chia, watermelon and pumpkin seeds, this pack of breakfast cereal strikes the right balance between health and taste.

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3. Kellog’s Muesli

Another example of healthy breakfast cereal, this product by Kellog’s is made of five nutritious grains- wheat, corn, rice, barley and oats, along with some delicious fruits like cranberries, papaya, raisins et al. It is also enriched with essential nutrients like vitamin B, vitamin C and more.

4. Nourish Organics Honey Crunch Muesli

Packed with a mix of whole grains, raisins, seeds and nuts, this pack of cereal makes for a crunchy and satisfying treat. Mix it with yogurt, top with your favourite fruits and enjoy!

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5. MuscleBlaze Probiotic Muesli

If you are someone who likes to add more fruity goodness to your breakfast bowl, then this product can be a right choice for you. It contains cranberry, goji berry, blueberry and black currant, along with other nutritional grains like rolled oats, rolled barley, rice flakes, wheat flakes et al.

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