Monsoon showers are finally here to bless the entire country and give us the much-needed relief from the scorching heat. The temperatures have gone down, and the weather is pristine, and with that, arises our desire to hog on fried, greasy, hot food. As much as we love monsoon for giving us a variety of food to munch on, we should always follow some safety rules to make the best of the season. With monsoon comes moisture, and it is a well-known fact how that stimulates bacterial growth. So, it becomes utmost important to keep our food safe and dry.

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Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal recently shared a video on her Instagram profile where she helps us with the list of things to keep in mind in monsoon regarding food safety. Here is the list :

1. Wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly :

Don’t just run your vegetables through the water; make sure to clean every crevice and corner to check for any tiny insects that could be lying there.

Wash your vegetables thoroughly to get rid of all the insects

2. Do not buy pre-cut fruits and vegetables :

The peel and cover of a fruit or vegetable is nature’s way of protecting it and once they have cut and exposed to the environment, they are more vulnerable to bacteria.

3. Consume more fruits to boost immunity :

With the onset of the pandemic, we have further understood the importance of Vitamin C and how that helps immunity. Since a number of fruits have Vit C and other nutrients, it is a great idea to consume more fruits then usual to give your body all the strength it needs to fight off any infections or flu.

4. Add medicinal herbs to your diet :

Medicinal herbs like turmeric, ginger, black pepper are a great way to keep you warm and healthy during the downpours. Plus this gives you another excuse to be sipping on adrak waali chai every morning, it’s a win-win situation.

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5.Say goodbye to oily, fried and processed food items :

We instantly crave for pyaaz ke pakode or puri bhaji as soon as we hear the word monsoon, and avoiding them while the heavens pour outside our windows is difficult. But if you are following all of the above rules and moderating street processed food, a plate of aloo-puri now and then doesn’t really harm.

Watch Nmamis full video here :

Keep in mind these important tips and you should be ready to embrace to monsoons with your arms wide open. Let us know in the comments below how you are keeping safe this season.

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