Water is the basic necessity of life and staying hydrated is one of the most important factors for maintaining an overall health. Subsequently, having some good quality water bottles at home is a must for drinking water throughout the day. If you look around, you will find every household having different types of water bottles in store – plastic, stainless steel, copper bottles and more. Likewise, keeping a refrigerator-safe bottle at home is equally important for drinking cold water and soothing our soul.

Considering this, we have found 5 refrigerator-safe water bottles that can be a great option for your kitchen. Take a look.

1. Amazon Brand Fridge Bottle Set

This water bottle set by Amazon exclusive brand Solimo is made with BPA-free plastic. It includes 3 multi-coloured bottles – each having 1-litre capacity – ideal for everyday use.

28% off

2. Cello Venice Exclusive Edition Plastic Water Bottle Set

Another bottle set made with BPA-free, food-grade plastic, this product is leak-proof and comes in a set of 5 multi-coloured handy bottles.

20% off

3. Fun Homes Stainless Steel Fridge Water Bottle

If you are looking for a water bottle to carry to your office, school or college, then this product perfectly fits the bill. This bottle is compact and is made with high quality stainless steel.

68% off

4. Speedex Stainless Steel Fridge Bottles

Here’s another stainless-steel bottle option for you. This set features four lightweight metal bottles with high quality sipper cap lids. Besides, it is durable and unbreakable, which makes it ideal for everyday use.

37% off

5. Cloudmart Glass Water Bottle

If you are someone who does not prefer drinking water in plastic bottles, then this set of eco-friendly, toxin free glass bottles can be the right choice for you. Apart from water, these elegant bottles can also store other drinks including juices, mocktails and more.

30% off

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