Much like love, chocolate doesn’t need a day to be celebrated. But it sure does help to know that there is another reason for us to be gorging on more chocolate on 7th July, which is World Chocolate Day. Chocolate just seems like the solution to all of our problems, doesn’t it? Having the first bite of your favourite chocolate bar, the aroma that makes you smile inside out, how it melts in your tongue and leaves you satisfied. Turns out, it’s not just our love for chocolate that makes us feel giddy; it’s actually a chemical reaction in the brain that produces happy hormones whenever you do something that you like. So, rejoice chocolate lovers, because liking chocolate is good for us, both physically and mentally.

Love comes in many forms, one of them is Chocolate

On this World Chocolate Day, we bring to you chocolate recipes which are not very common. If you are an ardent chocolate lover, there are chances you have tried all of these, but if you haven’t let us introduce to you the 5 unique ways of enjoying chocolate:

1. Chocolate Modak Recipe :

Modaks are a loved sweet dish in many parts of the country, but if we had to link it to one place, it would definitely be Maharashtra. The grandiose Ganesh Chaturthi celebration is never complete without some Ganpati dance and a mouthful of modaks. Chocolate modaks have recently become a crowd favourite and everyone, especially the kids seem to love them. With the help of this easy recipe, you can surprise your family members with their favourite chocolate snack. You need some glucose biscuit powder, some cocoa powder and ghee and your quick modak is ready, read the recipe here.

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2. Chocolate Kaju Katli Recipe :

All chocolate lovers will definitely approve of this. Kaju Katli is a widely loved sweet and adding chocolate to it is just going to transform good into the best. Grind cashew nuts and mix them to the sugar syrup, apply ghee in your hand and knead this dough. Spread it out on a greased pan and add melted chocolate on top, let it freeze and enjoy! Read the full recipe here.


Today is just another excuse to have more chocolate

3. Chocolate Pizza Recipe :

What’s not to love about pizza, especially if it has chocolate on it? Don’t worry, we are not making you eat a chicken pizza covered with chocolate, we are actually telling you that chocolate pizza is a great dish on its own. Take your pizza dough and bake until it is slightly brown. Take this out, spread melted chocolate on top and bake for another 2 mins. Once this is done garnish with chopped strawberries, nuts and icing sugar and enjoy this heavenly pizza hot or cold. Read the recipe here.

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4. Chocolate Roll Barfi Recipe :

Indians love their mithais, and we would not miss an opportunity of trying to make anything into one. Following this mantra, we bring to you an easy chocolate roll barfi made of chocolate biscuits. Powder chocolate biscuits and add your choice of nuts and dry fruits, to bind the powder together add milk and make it into a roll. To give it the signature barfi look, cover it in silver paper and let it chill. Cut into slices and serve this unique Chocolate roll barfi! Read about it here.

5. Chocolate Samosa :

The north Indian snack, made into a dessert with the goodness of chocolate in it? Sounds like the perfect chocolate day breakfast to us! Mix all-purpose flour, a pinch of salt, some water and knead a smooth dough. While the dough is resting, in another pan melt some chocolate and add your choice of dry fruits or nuts to it. Now make tiny roti and cut in half, making a cone fill the melted chocolate filling and fry in medium heat. Pippin hot chocolate samosas are ready! For the recipe, click here.


Chocolate samosa is the new favorite snack

What do you think about these 5 unique ways of having chocolate and which is the certain winner according to you? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy World Chocolate Day 2021, everyone!

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