Mondays can be tough, especially when you have a day full of work lined up for you. In the hustle-bustle of the morning, we forget to eat breakfast and go to work or school on an empty stomach. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it is not healthy to skip it, yet for some reason we just don’t get the time to cook a hearty and nutritious meal for ourselves. But what if we had a helpful and friendly face by our side who would always take care of our breakfast needs? Not everyone is that lucky, but this girl is! A young medical student in the US shared a video of her neighbour who purchases sweet buns for her every morning. The heart-warming video will make us all believe in the magic of acts of kindness. Take a look:

The 24-year old New York-based medical student Dina Mehmedovic’s 90-year-old neighbor helps her start her day with a small act of kindness. He gives her sweet buns early morning before she leaves because he knows she loves sweet buns. Sharing a video on Twitter, she explains that the old man would go to the grocery store every day at 8 am. Now, he especially wakes up early so that he can go to the store around 6 am to bring sweets buns for, before she leaves for class

The video shows us the routine where she opens the door and her neighbour is waiting for her with a box of sticky buns in his hand. She greets with a lot of excitement by saying, “There you are! I was waiting for my sticky buns,” as she was waiting for her weekly delivery of happiness through her neighbour’s gesture. She captioned the video, explaining the routine her neighbour has specially created for her and adding that “I don’t deserve this angel of a human”. 

She later followed the post with a funny yet sweet comment that is not to miss! She wrote, “I know god has a funny sense of humor cuz I really prayed for a thoughtful man in my life & god sent me a 90-year-old neighbour.”

See the tweet here:

Twitter users were in awe of this wonderful human being and wished well for this guardian angel in disguise. See what they wrote in response:

This man has taught us that every small gesture counts and it makes us want to have a neighbour just like him. What did you think of the story? Tell us in the comments below.

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