Who doesn’t love idlis? Biting into round-shaped, fluffy and soft idli brings happiness and warmth to the soul. Even though idli is predominantly a South Indian dish, it doesn’t mean it is only available in South India, you can find idlis everywhere! That’s how versatile it is, you can pair it with the usual sambhar and chutney or you can experiment with it and create new dishes like Chinese idli, idli pasta and idli tikka. The best part is that you can enjoy idli for breakfast, lunch or dinner; literally any time of the day.

Knowing how important idli is to Indians, we have found an idli recipe that is going to be a gamechanger for your meals. Stuffed idlis are idlis that are stuffed with an assorted filling of vegetables and nuts. They are so fun to eat as you can find a crunchy surprise in each bite! And, this recipe is super simple to make. You can even put stuffing of your own choice to personalise it and make this recipe your own.

How To Make Stuffed Idli:

This recipe helps you make stuffed idli from scratch. You will learn how to make idli batter, how to steam idlis, how to make idli stuffing and how to stuff the idli.

To make the idli batter, you need uncooked rice and urad dal. Soak the rice and dal in water till it is fermented. The fermentation process might take hours. Once both the ingredients are ready and fermented, grind them in a mixer grinder. The idli batter is ready.

Next, you need to prepare the stuffing. You need roasted kaju, blanched pistachios, chopped green or/and red bell pepper, pickle masala and sliced carrot. There are two ways you can stuff the idli. One way is to mix the stuffing ingredients in the fermented batter. The second way is to place the stuffing in the centre of an idli mould and then put idli batter on top.

You can steam the idlis in a steamer or a microwave. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes for the idlis to be ready!

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