In the past few years, we have seen a large number of people going plant-based across the world. This subsequently increased the demand for vegan and plant-based foods everywhere. To meet the demand, today we find several brands, restaurants and cafés serving an extensive range of vegan foods that are both delicious and healthy. Joining the bandwagon, the fast-food chain Burger King has introduced plant-based burgers in its menu. After a successful launch in the United States and Europe earlier this year (2021), Burger King Singapore introduced this meatless option to its menus island-wide. Reportedly, this initiative was undertaken after the burger chain received several requests from the local patrons to introduce plant-based Whopper in Singapore. They took to their Instagram to make the launch announcement that read, “The wait is over…better late than sorry”.

The announcement poster also stated, “Those who plant seeds are the ones who harvest taste.” Take a look at the post:

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The announcement left several patrons thrilled and excited. “This is nice! Love the plant-based burger!” wrote one in the comments. Another user stated, “So good BK.”

Earlier this month, one outlet of Burger King Germany went 100 percent meat-free for a week (from June 7 to 11) and became the first plant-based Burger King restaurant in the world. The outlet in Schildergasse in Cologne revamped their menu for that one week and included plant-based options like a vegan whopper, plant-based nuggets, vegan wraps and more. They also had vegan ice creams for dessert.

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Following this, PETA India took to their Twitter to urge Burger King to introduce their signature vegan whopper in India too. “A Burger King in Germany is trying out being totally meat-free. How about a vegan Burger King in India, and to start with #Vegan Whoppers at least please @burgerkingindia?” the tweet read.

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Would you too like to try the plant-based whopper? Let us know in the comments below.

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