Most days, we resort to the tried and tested recipes of egg burjis and masala omelettes. And if you want something fancy then go for the sunny-side-ups or French eggs. Just in case you dont know how to make that, then don’t worry Masterchef Australia judge Jock Zonfrillo is here to your rescue. The official Instagram page of the cooking reality show recently posted a new video of chef Jock Zonfrillo, where he gave us his expert food tips on how to turn a classic French omelette into an innovative experience. In this version, he is seen using creme fraiche, a kind of sour cream, and caviar to give this classic dish a twist.

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“One of the great, simple pleasures of life is a classic French omelette,” Zonfrillo says at the start of the video. “Super easy, done perfectly,” he assures his viewers.

Take a look at the video:

The Instagram post is only a snippet and we wish we could get our hands on the entire recipe. But don’t you worry, as we’ve got some classic egg recipes for you that are perfect for brunch.

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1) Devilled eggs

You’ve had this innumerable times but that can’t get enough of it, right? Get some hard-boiled eggs and stuff them with a mix of egg yolk, mustard sauce, mayonnaise, salt and pepper. You are good to go.

These are easy to make

2) Omelette in a mug

The world can never have too many omelette recipes. Here’s one that’s made with cheese and peppers. The best part? You can have it in your favourite cup.

 3) Scrambled eggs

It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s tasty and it is a classic, sure-shot winner. What more do you need from an egg?

4) Indian style poached eggs

We love continental food. But we love it with an Indian twist more often than not. Here is a recipe that fits your lovely poached omelettes right into a traditional Indian kitchen. The spicy avocado and walnut in the recipe can only heighten its taste.

Also, if you are a fan of Chef Zonfrillo’s unique cooking sensibilities, we have handpicked some special recipes by the expert to brighten your weekend.

1) Cacio E Pepe

This simple spaghetti recipe is sure to win the hearts of all lovers of pasta. All you need is cracked bell pepper, Pecorino cheese, pasta, water, a bit of plain flour and — you guessed it right — spaghetti pasta. Mama Mia!

 2) Cacio E Pepe Egg Pocket

Grab some eggs and cheese to get that perfect gooey cheese egg pocket on your plate on a lazy morning. The yellow yolk and the burst of cheese will surely make your day shine brighter.

Tell us which of these many recipes you are going to try out first.

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