Remember those glorious days when after school we would buy some yummy ice cream? Or when one would tire after playing outside with friends, and rush to an ice cream parlour to buy some treats? Ice cream is a universal favourite dessert. And while we love all variations of this cool dessert, none can quite compare to the deliciousness of an ice cream sandwich. The different flavours of ice cream from chocolate to vanilla or fruity strawberry sandwiched between two large cookies — it’s a drool-worthy treat indeed. If you’re looking for a quick hack on how to make an ice cream sandwich at home, we’ve got you covered. A Reddit user posted a collage of pictures, showing an easy and smart way to create an ice cream sandwich at home.

The user posted the image on a Reddit page called ‘Food Hacks’. And wrote in the caption along with the collage, “For those days when you crave an old-fashioned Ice Cream Sandwich. Take your favorite cookies and do this. Yummy.” And it most certainly is yummy.

The pictorial instructions displayed in the collage to make the delectable treat are as follows:

1) Grab a paper or plastic container of your favourite ice cream flavour and slice it. 

2) Place the sliced half on a large cookie of your choice. 

3) Place the other cookie on top

4) Remove the plastic or paper around the sliced ice cream.

5) Enjoy!

Take a look at the full post here:

The ice cream hack post received I.9k upvotes and over 106 comments.

While the DIY ice cream sandwich hack was clever and much-needed. We couldn’t help looking at some funny comments under the post.

One user who goes by the handle ‘Z-Vet’ commented on the hack being a very old one, they wrote, “Reverse image search says it was around since 2013 but I’m pretty sure it is much older.”

Another user named ‘United Citizen’ offered an easier solution to cutting the ice cream container. The user wrote, “Why not use a cookie-cutter as a mold and save the carton?”

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However, there were some users who were not too impressed with the hack and pointed at the impracticality of cutting the ice cream container.

A user named ‘yoyo-starlady’ said, “Ruins your ice cream, ice cream container, and ice cream sandwich in one fell swoop. Try now.”

Let us know in the comments what you thought of this food hack! 

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