Nothing spells comfort food quite like a wholesome bowl of chicken curry. The thought of succulent juicy chicken, coated in a mix of spices and cooked in a flavourful curry, served with fluffy rice or hot rotis is enough to leave us salivating. From the creamy butter chicken in the north to the thick coconut milk-infused, curry leaf-tempered chicken curry in the south, there is a delectable version of the versatile dish throughout the different states across the length and breadth of India. Despite their different ingredients, the one thing they all have in common is – an unbeatable richness in flavor.

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If all this talk of chicken curry has left you craving for some to elevate your next meal, we have a list of curated recipes ready for you to try in your kitchen at home.

Here Are The Recipes:

1) Chicken Salna

This recipe is a popular street-style dish from Tamil Nadu. It’s quick and easy to make. The gravy is thin and spiced with a blend of fennel seeds, fresh coconut, cumin seeds, and cinnamon. Enjoy this curry with hot fluffy idlis or rice.

Chicken and rice make for a mouth watering combo

2) Mango Chicken Curry

This delectable dish of chicken is cooked in a mix of raw mango, curd, and coconut milk. This traditional south Indian curry is called pacha manga curry. The tang from the raw mango and mellow creaminess of the coconut milk make this a truly mouth-watering curry.

3) Kadaknath Chicken Curry

This recipe is a village-style chicken curry dish made using country chicken, it is easy to make yet is packed with flavors. It is cooked in tomato and onion-based gravy and is tempered with curry leaves and mustard seeds.

4) Butter Chicken

No list of chicken curries would be complete without the popular butter chicken. This iconic dish is made with chicken marinated overnight and roasted over a hot grill. The roasted chicken is then slow-cooked in a flavourful buttery tomato gravy. Serve it with hot buttered naan or roti.


Butter chicken is the world-famous north Indian chicken curry

5) Spicy Malvani Chicken

From the north, we, now, take you to the west coast. Malvan is a town in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. This recipe brings out the traditional flavours of the district. Made using grated coconut and a slow-roasted blend of spices, this chicken curry is hot and has a burst of flavour in each bite.

6) Creamy Chicken Korma

This rich and creamy recipe is ideal for any party at home. Made with ingredients like almonds, cashew nuts dry roasted with khus khus, and desiccated coconut, this dish is truly magical.

7) Posto Chicken

A popular chicken gravy dish from Bengal, this recipe uses poppy seeds (posto) that are ground into a fine paste along with green chilies, coconut, and other spices that serve as the base for the curry. The chicken is cooked in this flavourful curry and served with hot rice.


A simple plate of chicken curry and instantly light up your mood

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Let us know in the comments below, which of these delectably wholesome curries did you cook at home.

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