Indian meals always involve a variety of dishes, from royal biryanis to exotic curries and to decadent desserts. But if you want to make something simple, quick and one pot, then pulao is the perfect option. Whether you make it with white rice or brown rice, pulao is filled with vegetables or meats of your choice, making it highly nutritious and fulfilling for the growling stomach. Moreover, cooking pulao at home is not at all difficult, which also makes it a yummy addition to the menu when you have visitors. So, if you are one of those who like to experiment in the kitchen, then we have a delicious egg keema pulao recipe that is scrumptious and easy to make!

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This egg keema pulao is filled with the goodness of spices, vegetables, and of course, a keema style egg that makes it delicious to have. This comforting dish is best served with thick curd, salad and spicy green chutney for that extra kick of flavour. Make this recipe when you can’t decide what to cook or when you are looking for a new taste. So, without waiting any further, let us dive into this simple and yummy recipe.

How To Make Egg Keema Pulao | Egg Keema Pulao

First, take one cup of rice and bring it to a boil. Then in a pan, add some oil with hard spices like bay leaf, cardamom, clove, heeng and mix. To this, add onions and cook them till they become lightly brown and crispy. Next, add tomato puree with spices like red chilli, turmeric powder, coriander powder and salt according to taste. Combine these well till tomatoes are cooked, and then add some curd. Mix again.

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Now break three eggs into this mix and cook till eggs are done. Then put in the rice and combine. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve!

For the full recipe of egg keema pulao, click here.

Make this dish and let us know how you liked the taste of it.

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