The ones who follow Farah Khan across social media knows how good a home chef she is. Besides being a skilled filmmaker and choreographer, Farah is also quite popular in the tinsel town for her yakhni pulao and chicken roast recipes. We have often seen Bollywood celebrities gushing over her cooking skills – Shilpa Shetty being one of them. Remember when Shilpa announced on her YouTube Channel that Farah Khan makes the best yakhni pulao in town? It seems like Neha Dhupia has joined the bandwagon now. Scrolling through Neha and Farah’s Instagram, we got to know that the two are shooting together for some project and Neha made the latter bring her ‘famous’ roasted chicken on sets.

Neha Dhupia took to Instagram to share a story that features a short video where Farah Khan describes what she got for Neha and casting director Mukesh Chhabra (who supposedly is also a part of the project). “Since I was shooting with Neha, she wanted my ‘world famous’ in Lokhandwala Chicken. Since Mukesh Chhabra is with us and he’s a vegetarian, we have pakode wali Punjabi kadhi and khatta aloo for him,” Farah stated.

We also heard Farah saying, if Mukesh (Chhabra) does not arrive, then Neha should take all the food back home for her husband Angad Bedi. Here’re a few glimpses of the delicacies Farah Khan cooked:

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In another story on Farah Khan’s Instagram, we saw Neha enjoying a piece of roasted chicken. When asked how she liked it, Neha promptly replied, “Right now, I am in heaven. Do not disturb me.”

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All these discussions over roasted chicken have left us craving. Hence, we found out an exotic roasted chicken recipe. If you are planning to try it too, then check out the recipe here.

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