It’s late afternoon, and that small hunger has struck you again. You must be roaming around your kitchen, checking the refrigerator constantly and still can’t find anything to eat. And we are sure that you’re not the only one in this situation. Most of us look at the ingredients and weigh our options to cook something; however, we might not know what we want. But don’t worry, when these situations arise, we are here to help you out! So, if you are also looking for a quick and delicious snack to make, then today, we bring you a recipe of crunchy vegetable and dal sattu balls that will get rid of your hunger pangs instantly.

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The vegetable and dal sattu balls are a classic snack that you can make with your tea. The best part about this snack is that you can make it with your leftover vegetables and customize it according to your taste. Pair it with chutney or tomato ketchup, and it will taste absolutely delicious in both ways.

The vegetable and dal sattu balls are a classic snack

Here Is The Recipe For Vegetable And Dal Sattu Balls

Boil lentils in a pressure cooker till one pressure. Mash dal and set aside. Then boil a potato and grate it. With it, also grate a carrot and add finely chopped French green beans. In a wok, add oil and throw in minced garlic and ginger. Lightly fry and add chopped onion. Then add grated potato and carrot.

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Add slightly wet bread, chickpea flour, salt, sugar to taste, green chillies, red chilli powder, and then add the mashed dal. Mix them. Then sprinkle chat masala, garam masala and chopped coriander. Make balls out of the dal mixture and dip in cornflour and besan. Fry till golden brown.

For the full recipe of vegetable and dal sattu balls, click here.

Make this dish next time when you feel hungry, and let us know how you liked them.

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