We have all known the singing talent that Jason Derulo has, but little did we know that he is a brilliant cook as well. And guess what he is preparing in a video that Twitter has fallen in love with — Jalebis. Yes, you heard that right. Canadian Tesher has shared a video on the social media platform in which Derulo is seen making Jalebis, an Indian sweet dish, from scratch. The video was originally shared by Derulo on TikTok, which is banned in India. Derulo and Tesher’s Jalebi Baby song plays in the background while the singer appears to be in a great mood. 

First, he prepares the batter, adding a bit of colour and other ingredients. He then pours the mixture into a tube before moving his hand in a circular motion to give jalebis their trademark shape. Once he finishes frying them, he soaks jalebis in sugar syrup. After serving them on a plate, Derulo showed chocolate syrup but then had the sweet snack without it, for that’s how it’s eaten.   

In his tweet, Tesher said that he and Derulo were often asked what the word Jalebi meant. “What is a jalebi? Is the No 1 question I and Jason Derulo get these days. Now you know,” the post read.

Twitter users loved the video and shared their comments. 

A user said, “ “It’s so good. Great, now I’m craving sum”.

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Another wrote, “I would have never imagined in my life that I would watch Jason Derulo make jalebi.”

Echoing a similar sentiment, a user said, “Jason Derulo making jalebi on TikTok is not something I expected to see but here we are.”

After watching Derulo make jalebis, are you craving some of that Indian sweet? Well, we got you covered. Check out this quick and easy recipe. 

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