Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and traditional Indian sweets are going to be the most popular food items on everyone’s must-have list. And, while there is no doubt that the tried and tested recipes that have been handed down by our parents and grandparents are always winners, the festive season is the perfect time to get experimental. With diet plans and salad bowls out of the window, now would be the best time to get creative with your dessert recipes. This time around, we have decided to give the humble barfi a festive twist in not one but seven unique ways.

These recipes may sound distinct, but they are simple to make. Some of them may even be a tad bit healthier and tastier than the conventional barfi. Take a look at this special list that we have curated for you.

1. Papaya Badam Barfi 

Before you think we are confused, let us assure you that we are indeed talking about the fruit, papaya. The nutritious papaya lends a fruity punch to the traditional barfi and pairs very well with the richness of the almonds in the recipe.

2. Lauki Gulkand Barfi

Bottle gourd and gulkand are a match made in heaven. And, the lauki gulkand barfi recipe is proof of this. All you need to make this barfi is some grated bottle gourd, milk, sugar, khoya, sunflower seeds, melon seeds, gulkand and some rose syrup.


3. Til Ki Barfi

All of us know about the several health benefits of sesame seeds. But when added to this barfi, they become just as yummy as they are nutritious, making you wonder why you never tried this recipe before.

5. Cookie Barfi

If you are on the lookout for a barfi recipe with a Western twist, this dish is right up your alley. This “no-bake” recipe is a wonderful combination of chocolate and barfi and will make you want to fight your family and friends for that one last piece.


5. Thandai Barfi

We are all familiar with thandai, but have you heard of the delicious thandai barfi? This recipe takes the Holi staple and turns it into a dessert that is sure to please people across age groups. And the best part is that the dish can be prepared in just about half an hour.

6. Faldhari Badam Ki Barfi 

Looking for a sugar-free recipe that is unique yet simple? Try the faldhari badam ki barfi and we bet you will never miss the version with sugar. The dish uses mawa along with healthy nuts like walnuts, figs and almonds to create a barfi that is tasty and healthy.


7. Moong Dal Ki Barfi

While this recipe may sound simple, it packs a flavour punch that is absolutely decadent. With clean, uncomplicated flavours, this recipe will make you wish the festive season never ended.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out these recipes to impress your loved ones. You can thank us later.

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