As children, we all loved birthday parties. The beautiful cakes, the yummy food and the fun games made our entire day. We still remember birthday cakes from our 10th birthday, that’s how much we love cakes! Imagine being a child in today’s time? There are so many different flavours of cake available in all sizes and shapes that we would cry out of extreme joy and happiness!

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Misha Kapoor, the first child of the star couple Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput Kapoor celebrated her 5th birthday on 26th August this year. Although she has no social media presence of her own (because she is just a 5-year-old child), her mother, Mira Rajput gave us a glimpse of her birthday party. She carefully planned the birthday party, keeping in mind all the essentials cake, décor and food! We all know food and cake is the star of all birthday parties! She uploaded a carousel on Instagram, explaining in full detail how she organized Misha’s birthday party. See the images here:

The carousel had photos of the birthday décor, the plate setting and the cake. The theme of the birthday was rainbow and the décor was full of bright colours. She also gave detailed contacts of what did she get and from where, a little help for mothers with young kids. And now the cake, the best and the most important part of the birthday celebration. Misha’s cake was true to the theme, it was full of rainbows! The two-tiered cake had an ombre frosting for the base and white frosting. It is filled with edible rainbows. The bright and colourful look so delicious that it makes us want to have tasted as well! Mira Rajput’s mother made her signature sandwich as one of the snacks and the party was filled with fun and games!

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