With the pitter-patter on your window panes, you feel like slumping more often these days, right? You could say you feel sluggish today because of the droning rains outside and the soothing cold weather. But, are you sure? Fatigue can sometimes suggest a tad bit of shortage of iron in your body. If your bloodstream is lacking in iron, it can cause problems like anaemia, insomnia, fatigue and low immunity. But there are ways to ward off these problems by focusing more on iron-rich food, especially during the chilly days of monsoon when our fried food cravings increase. Remember, iron can cure you of anaemia and elevate your energy levels. It can also boost your immune system, help the gastrointestinal processes and regulate body temperature. 

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Not sure which foods to try to reap more iron into your system? Here’s a list to guide you.

7 Iron-Rich Foods To Load Up On This Monsoon:

Green Vegetables:

Spinach is in season and it’s time to bring it on your plate. Dark green vegetables are one of the richest sources of iron. Spinach, kale, string beans and broccoli and more- options are many.

Nuts And Dry Fruits:

You should hoard cashew nuts, apricots, almonds, walnuts, raisins and dates if you want to snack on some iron-rich food. They are never out of season.

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Nuts and dry fruits are storehouse of nutrients


When mom serves you lentils, don’t say no. Lentils are a good way to intake iron. You can also try soybean. Tofu, made of soybeans, is a good way to get the nutrients.


Store pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds and sunflower seeds in a dry jar this season. You can either snack on them or throw them into any cuisine for a healthy meal.


Lean poultry meat, especially the chicken liver, is rich in heme iron, which is more readily absorbed by our body than iron. Here’s a healthy chicken recipe to keep the nutritional level intact. 

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Shellfish, crabs, tuna and sardines are some of the best picks to get iron into your body. However, all fish are a good source of iron and you can choose local ones too. 

Dark Chocolate:

The darker it gets, the better for your health. Dark chocolate, with at least 55% cocoa, can provide you with a good dose of iron and antioxidants.

So, what are you waiting for? Munch on these nutritious foods and enjoy the monsoons in a healthier way.

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