Faced with the string of lockdowns and pandemic restrictions in the country, most of us are dealing with unquenchable yearnings for exquisite destinations and delicious food. Though we can’t have it all for ourselves at the moment, our celebrities are taking us around the world to help us get glimpses of places and cuisine through their social media. Bollywood actress Mouni Roy has been faithfully doing just that and her fans cannot stop thanking her. Mouni, who is in Dubai, keeps posting visuals from her food diaries. Guess what has stolen the heart of the ‘Naagin’ actress this time? In an Instagram Stories, we see a plate of crisp empanada, which is a kind of baked pastry originating in Spain. The pastry is apparently accompanied by two soft herbed patties. Take a look:

Mouni Roy enjoyed delicious Spanish pastry.

Mouni Roy has served her fans with delectable food photos since she started her Dubai trip. Sometimes she shows her falling for a French toast or spaghetti, while other times she is grabbing some fruits and fresh juices. 

This month, Mouni posted a video about her meeting with beauty-brand founder Mona Kattan, where the two gorgeous ladies are seen singing, dancing and cooking. 

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At times, the actress also slips for sweetmeats. In the recent past, we have spotted her enjoying chocolate bars or desserts after a sumptuous lunch.

Earlier in April, Mouni Roy had posted pictures of her toned body and captioned it, “Eat your greens.”

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If you are curious about Mouni Roy’s balanced diet and want to try out some healthy drinks to balance out the French fries and pizzas, here are some recipes for you:

1. Smoothies

Good for almost any season, these thick drinks can melt your heart. The season of mangoes is here. Why not try some mango smoothie for yourself and your family?

2. Wheatgrass juice

If you are really serious about switching to healthy drinks, you could try getting some wheatgrass juice. Either carry a mix of wheatgrass powder or grow your own tender wheatgrass in the kitchen garden.

3. Green Tea

For the ones who want to go all green, well, just switch to green tea. With less caffeine content and more micronutrients, your body will love this nourishment.

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