The roti and sabzi combo is an indispensable part of a typical Indian diet. Rotis can be served with various dishes. Be it piping hot dal or crispy veggies – there’s not just one way to go with it. Rotis are usually made of wheat flour. But did you know, a simple tweak in the recipes can help you give roti a tasty spin? Sounds interesting, right? So this weekend, give those regular chapatis a break; instead, try out these unique roti recipes that give this Indian bread type a rich makeover. These are easy to make, filling and leave you with a satisfying feeling.

Weekend Special: 5 Delicious Roti Recipes For You:

Khameeri Roti:

This mouth-watering roti is a part of Mughlai cuisine. Besides the flour, it includes various seeds like melon, sesame and nigella seeds (kalonji). The dry yeast and milk give it a touch of richness. The delicious round roti can be served with a creamy gravy chicken, mutton, paneer or sabzi. Click here for recipe.

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Khameeri Roti tastes the best with Nihari
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Tandoori Garlic Roti:

The crispy yet soft roti deserves a special place on your plate. This spicy chapati or naan is prepared with wheat flour. In the dough, you need to add chopped garlic, ginger and chillies. Add a huge dollop of butter while serving this roti along with dal tadka or a makhana sabzi. Check out the recipe here.

Roomali Roti:

You must have already tried this fun and tasty roti at restaurants. But one can prepare it at home as well. The secret lies in making a perfect dough. We recommend you practice it beforehand to make it flawlessly translucent while serving it to the guests. Take a look at the recipe.

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roomali roti and chicken

Roomali roti is thin roomal (napkin) – this is where the name came from
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Mumbai-style Chicken Baida Roti:

The popular Mumbai-style roti is every non-veg food lovers’ dream. Colaba’s Bademiyan restaurant serves the best version and it is a hit amongst the foodies. Make your version of chicken baida roti at home. Try the recipe now.

Healthy Veggies Roti:

This one is for all those who are looking for ways to add veggies to their diet, without making it boring. This nutritious and colourful version is made by adding beetroot or spinach to the dough. You can also include almond flour and oats to add more value. Here is the recipe.

What are you waiting for? Stuff your weekends with these appetizing rotis. Do let us know your favourite one from the list.

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