Neha Dhupia has been leading an active work life post-lockdown. The former Miss India keeps us updated on her life by sharing stories and posts on Instagram. With over 4.8 million followers, her fans love to know what is she up to in a day. It brings her fans closer to her and we get to know all about what she loves. Like many of us, one of Neha Dhupia’s favourite things in the world is chai. A “garam garam” cup of chai can make your day and she is a firm believer in it. A few weeks back, she posted an adorable Instagram story where she was enjoying a cup of tea and she tagged her husband. She writes “Missing my chai lover” in the photo. Later on the same day, her husband uploaded a story of a cup of chai where he writes “Missing you too baby”. For Neha Dhupia, chai is the language of love, one we want as well.

Neha Dhupia and Anga Bedi’s stories

Recently, she uploaded another image on her Instagram story. She is enjoying a delicious cup of chai on set break and she looks stunning! She seems to enjoy tea in the classic Indian way, with milk obviously! See the image below:

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