There are few dishes as universally delicious as a pizza. Whichever corner of the world you may travel to, pizza is one treat that will never disappoint. The combination of tangy Marinara sauce with oozing cheese topped on the crusty dough – there’s never a bad time to eat a slice of pizza. Recently, a unique treat was created with the flavours of pizza in mind – the pizza cone. Rather than the usual pizza slice, this is a conical structure made with pizza dough and the fillings stuffed inside it. Take a look:

Shared on Twitter by @ActNormalOrElse, the video has received over 200k views and counting. First, cones were created with the pizza dough. Then, these cones were filled with Marinara sauce and cheese and then baked to cook everything properly. Another version of the pizza cone was filled with tossed vegetables in a cheesy dressing.

Twitter users had mixed thoughts about the pizza cone. While some wanted to try it, others felt there was no need to make such a dish in the first place. Several also pointed out that the filling inside the pizza cone would be extremely hot and may burn the mouth.

Take a look at the reactions:

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