Divyanka Tripathi is a self-confessed foodie. And it looks like the actress also knows her Indian dishes well. We saw proof of this when she shared a video of herself and her husband, actor Vivek Dahiya enjoying a scrumptious Gujrati thali while on vacation. In the Instagram Stories, Vivek is seen tasting a yellow-hued sweet dish. Upon eating it, he says that it must be mishti doi, the famed Bengali dessert. However, Divyanka is not convinced and is seen to be confused. The actress feels that the sweet is shrikhand. She then proceeds to ask the staff at the restaurant, who confirms that the dish is, in fact, shrikhand, a sweet dish popular in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

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The couple can be seen laughing at Vivek’s error in distinguishing between the two desserts. The actress even proceeds to ask her Instagram followers to guess if the dish is mishti doi, shrikhand or good old ice cream. Take a look:

Divyanaka Tripathi’s Instagram story

 Following this, the actress also shared a glimpse of the elaborate Gujrati thali that the two dug into. In addition to some delicious malpua, the thali also included dishes like thepla,kachumber, an assortment of vegetable dishes made in a traditional style as well curries.


Gujarati Thali in Divyanka Tripathi’s Instagram Story


Malpua in Divyanka Tripathi’s Instagram Story

Like all other lovers of food, we cannot get over the yummy shrikhand that was featured in the video. The delicious velvety delicacy is made using a combination of chilled milk and thick yoghurt. If you are a fan of the dessert, we recommend that you give thiskesari shrikhand recipe a try. If you need any more incentive, remember that it can be whipped up in about 30 minutes. 

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However, if you are partial to the Bengali dish of mishti doi, we have a recipe for you as well. The dish is made by thickening milk and a generous amount of jaggery is added to elevate the flavours. But if malpua is more your style, this recipe is a must-have.

Tell us which of these delicious Indian sweets you want to try out first.

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