Animal videos often tend to go viral online. Cats, dogs and other pets doing adorable antics is something that the internet loves to binge-watch on repeat. We have often seen how these pets are also sometimes big foodies, looking forward to treats provided by their pet parents. However, can you imagine an animal snatching your snack from your hands itself? A recently surfaced viral video shows a man eating a wrap in a parking lot when a seagull comes and sneakily steals it right when he’s biting into it. Take a look at the video here:

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The original clip was shared by Sophie Ellen McGill, and it has made its way to multiple social media platforms and channels. In the short clip, Sophie’s friend Matthew was happily enjoying his wrap from KFC when the bird came for it. The seagull swoops down quickly, and we see in a series of slow-motion photographs the exact sequence of events. Before we realise it, the seagull has pecked out the wrap right from the man’s hands – much to his shock and dismay.

Interestingly, this is not the first time seagulls have been seen stealing human food. In a video that surfaced online in March 2021, a seagull was seen walking into a supermarket to steal a bag of chips. Read more about the story here.

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