Animal videos are probably one of the cutest contents we find on the internet. Aren’t they? Every day we come across many such videos that melt our heart and make us smile. And, of course, each of these animal videos has a feel-good factor that help us de-stress anytime of the day. One such video we recently came across was of a group of elephants enjoying slices of watermelon in a garden. This short 21-second video was originally uploaded by a Twitter handle named ‘Nature and Animals’.

In the video clip, we could see three elephants devouring slices of juicy watermelon. But what grabbed our attention is the baby elephant (among the three), who was struggling enough to put the watermelon slice in its mouth. We could see the slice of watermelon was slipping out of its mouth, every time the elephant was trying to eat the fruit. Probably the watermelon slice was too big for the calf! “Watermelon time. (Video Courtesy save the elephant foundation),” the video post read.

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Watch the adorable video here:

Much adorable, right? The video went viral in no time garnering 116k views, 5.3k likes and multiple replies.

People showered the video with love and comments. “Little one looks like he’s covered in watermelon juice,” wrote one.

Another comment read, “All that sucking, chomping, and grunting is music to my ears.” A third user wrote “Kids…. always in the middle of the mess……”

“Baby elephants are so cute, what an adorable baby!” another tweet read.

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