As much as we like a dish, we must appreciate its individual ingredients too. There are times when a mysterious, foreign ingredient, which is usually not part of the recipe, is added to a dish with an intention to boost its taste or aroma. But it often ends up rappelling us into avoiding the dish completely. Why does that happen? Why do some ingredients spoil the food for us? Possibly, the clue lies in the ingredient itself. For now, a Reddit user has asked people to name the ingredients that make them turn away from a dish.

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The discussion has generated a lot of interest among users who are commenting about their preferences and pointing out the ingredient(s) that spoil the food for them.

Surprisingly, a few of the comments focused on cilantro (or coriander leaves).

A person with a username Bigsurge said they are among the “unlucky few” who cannot eat cilantro because it smells like a “dead fish tank” and tastes “awful”. “I wish it didn’t. Apparently, it’s a genetic thing like when people can smell asparagus in their pee,” Bigsurge added.

Another user, cleverjolo, said that “cilantro tastes like dish soap. The first time I realised this, I thought the restaurant hadn’t properly rinsed my dishes/silverware. Came to the realisation it was the cilantro”.

Even a third user, named Pinktiptoes08, echoed cleverjolo’s words, saying that cilantro tastes “soapy to me” and ruins the whole thing. “One time I bit into a spring roll that was loaded with it, it tasted like it had been soaked in perfume,” the user said.

King_EmEmEm, another user, wrote, “my mom hates rosemary with a living passion”.

For the user named KidFather, it was “stevia leaf” or any artificial sweetener that tasted bad.

While a user said it was “Fennel seeds”, another user, TechnicalTroll, added, “Did you know, in India, fennel seeds are eaten after meals as mouth fresheners? It’s surprisingly effective.”

Some of the other ingredients that found mention were “celery” because of its “strong flavor that is really bitter”, and “cloves” as it’s “way too harsh and overpowers everything”.

There were a few other surprises too, in the form of “raisins” and “tomato slices”. Take a look:

Do you too have any such food ingredient that has spoilt a dish for you? Tell us in the comments section below.

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