What’s the one ingredient that can make or break a palatable Thai curry or an appetising Malabar recipe? If you think a bit, you’ll know it has to be coconut. This marvellous food has made many contributions to Indian and Pacific culture and cuisine. World Coconut Day, celebrated annually on September 2, is a time to celebrate this fruit. What’s a better way to do it than to include coconut on today’s menu? We have found some spectacular ways in which you can add coconut to your breakfast. The recipes are simple yet breath-taking. You won’t know unless you tried them in your kitchen.

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Here Are 5 Recipes Made From Coconut

1) Rice And Coconut Appam

These feather-like crepes are a delicious breakfast option from south India. Blend soaked rice and desiccated coconut with sugar, salt and yeast. Let it sit overnight. Then cook ladlefuls of batter in a pan and serve. Besides being simple, it’s tasty and filling.

This dish is simple to make

2) Coconut Milk Porridge

You thought porridge was boring? Give your regular porridge bowl a makeover with this stunning recipe. Just add coconut milk to cooked oats. Add vanilla essence to give it a delectable flavour. Top it up with fruits, berries and nuts. A healthy and fun breakfast is ready in a jiffy.

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3) Coconut Pasta

Are you the kind of person who can give her heart away for a good dish of pasta? Then this recipe is for you. Boil the pasta and add sautéed onion, garlic and ginger to it. Make the sauce with coconut milk, semolina flour and butter. Add the sauce to the pasta and cook. The subtle taste and texture of coconut milk will drive you crazy.


Try this delicious recipe.

4) Banana Coconut Idli

Here’s an amazing South Indian dish rich with the delectable flavours of banana and coconut. To the regular idli batter, add banana, cardamom powder and jaggery powder. Steam the batter in an idli tray. Prepare coconut sauce by cooking coconut milk with jaggery powder. Serve it hot.


This dish has a rich taste

5) Raw Banana And Coconut Kachori

Want something indulgent for breakfast? Why not try some coconut kachoris? You’ll enjoy the crispy outside which is made of rice flour, chilli paste and mashed raw bananas. The filling is all the more enticing, with grated coconut, chillies, groundnuts, raisins, curry leaves, lime juice and coriander leaves. Have it with a yoghurt dip.

Happy World Coconut Day to all foodies. Try these dishes and let us know how you liked the taste of it!

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